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Understanding Self-Storage

What is self-storage?

Self-storage is a convenient way of storing all the items and goods that are occupying your home and office space. The items that you rarely use can be stored in self-storage units for a flexible time period and you can access them whenever you want and at your convenience. This allows families and businesses to free up their home and office space and play or work in a comfortable, spacious environment. Store Room provides self-storage units to all who need to de-clutter their home and office. Our clean and reliable self-storage units remain under 24×7 camera surveillance so all your precious belongings remain safe and secure. You can rent the space according to your needs or even upsize or downsize later.

What are the features of Store Room self-storage facility?

Common features offered at each Extra Space Asia self-storage facility include:

  • 24-hour x 7-day access to your storage unit via secured pin code authorization
  • All the units are under 24×7 CCTV surveillance
  • On-site support from our friendly customer service consultants
  • Range of sizes available as per your storage requirements
  • Affordable storage with highly flexible rental terms
  • Clean and protected environment with high-end security systems

Why is self-storage a better option than traditional warehouses?

Traditional warehouses don’t give you the flexibility to upsize or downsize your storage unit anytime. This means you have to pay for the additional space that you are not even using. On the other hand, self-storage gives you the option to choose a storage unit that exactly meets your needs. This means you only pay for what you are using. You can upsize or downsize the unit anytime (subject to availability). Moreover, there is no long-term contract. Unlike traditional warehouses, self-storage gives you the flexibility to store your goods for a required time period.

So you can say that Store Room self-storage is a more cost-efficient option than traditional warehouses that have inflexible terms and conditions.

What can be stored in Store Room self-storage facility?

You can store almost everything in Store Room self-storage facility such as building materials, furniture, books, clothes, toys, documents, commercial stock, sports equipment, antiques, collectibles etc.

If you are not sure whether your particular item is allowed to be stored in our facility, feel free to contact our customer service consultants. They will be more than happy to assist you with your queries.

What cannot be stored in Store Room self-storage facility?

The following items are not allowed to be stored in our self-storage facility:

  • Hazardous materials such as inflammable goods, explosives or any other chemical or biological weapon
  • Stolen or illegal goods such as firearms, drugs etc.
  • Perishable goods that are subject to spoilage such as exposed foodstuffs
  • Living things such as plants and animals
  • Other items that don’t meet safety and regulatory compliance


How frequently can I access my stored items?

You can access your items whenever you want at your convenience. This means you can freely access your storage unit 7 days a week, 24 hours a day without any restriction.

Who can access my rented storage unit?

Only the registered person is authorized to access your storage unit. If you want to grant access to some other person too, you both are required to sign an Authorization Form.

Rental Costs

Is there any fee to pay to get access to the storage units?

No, once your storage rental period has commenced, you can get access to your storage unit anytime for free. You need not pay even a dime!

What charges are covered under my storage rental? Is there any hidden cost?

Your storage rental amount covers storage charge, utility bills, service charges, and maintenance costs. No other hidden charges!

You can buy coverage for items insurance separately. It is not included in the rental. A refundable security of one month storage charge needs to be deposited at the time of the commencement of storage agreement. This will be refunded once you vacate your storage unit.

A one-time administration fee will be charged on the starting of your storage agreement.

Why is the security deposit required?

The security deposit protects the provider’s and storer’s legal interests. Once you vacate the storage unit and the return it to us in its original state without any damage, the entire security deposit will be refunded to you.

Am I eligible for the $0 move-in offer again after the promotional period?

No. Our $0 promo is only valid for first-time customers.


Does Store Room provide any insurance coverage for the storage items?

Many people want to get their items insured against damage or any other mishap. Recognizing their needs, Store Room has partnered with Allink Insurance Agency to provide insurance coverage at viable rates.

How much insurance should I purchase for the items?

Insurance covers fire and forcible theft, and items should be insured on the basis of their estimated value. In the case of theft or damage, you will be entitled to claim for the insured value you chose. Insurance claims always take into account depreciation when deciding the amount to be paid out.

For any further information about Insurance terms and conditions, please refer to Allink Insurance Agency, our partner in providing the insurance coverages.

Sign Up and Payment

Do I have to start the rental of the storage unit on the same day of registering?

Not necessarily, you can choose to start the rental of the storage unit within one month from the day you register.

For how long Store Room can reserve my storage unit?

We can keep a storage unit reserved for you up to 1 month when you make a one-month storage deposit.

What are the documents required when signing the storage rental agreement ?

You are required to present your valid ID/Passport for verification, as well as provide valid contact details.

If you want business storage on rent, you’ll have to submit your company’s ACRA profile and company stamp to support the documents.

What payment options are accepted for storage rental?

You can mail us a cheque, pay via AXS stations, online via credit card through our website, through internet banking, or visit us at our facility to pay by cash, Master, Visa, cheque or NETS.

Do I need to sign a lease?

No, you are just required to sign a short storage agreement and make payment as quoted. Your contract is a month-to-month agreement with Store Room and comprises a simple contract, which takes around 5 minutes to complete.

Transfer and Termination

How long is the notice period if I wish to end my storage rental agreement?

We just require 14 days’ notice period to vacate your storage unit. You are required to notify us about the same in writing, either by email or post.


Does Store Room provide free packaging materials?

You can purchase a wide range of packaging materials such as bubble wrap, boxes, tape, markers, stretch films, shelves, pen knives and padlocks at our office.

Does Store Room provide padlocks?

No, Store Room does not provide padlocks. However, you can purchase a new, sealed lock at our office if you want to. This ensures that no one else has a key to that lock except you and that you are the sole key holder of your storage space.

Are trolleys and ladders available in the Store Room?

Yes, we have trolleys and ladders free of charge for customer use.

Will someone from Store Room help me move my items into the storage unit?

No. However, our customer service consultants can recommend you a list of our preferred movers if you require assistance moving your items.

Does Store Room provide removal services?

No. However, our customer service consultants can recommend you a list of our removal services partners if you require assistance.


Who can I contact with if I have any queries related to Store Room services?

You can speak to our customer service consultants any time if you have any queries related to our services.

Who can help me if I face any difficulty accessing my storage unit after office hours?

You may seek assistance from our on-site security guards.

*Complete details on the terms, conditions and exclusions are listed in the storage insurance application form.