Make your Home Look Spacious and Clutter-Free With Our Self-Storage Solution in Singapore

Don’t have enough space in your home to comfortably live and play? Are you running out of space because some unnecessary things are cluttering your home? Whether you need to store your fancy collectibles, expensive antiques, sports equipment, old furniture or any other thing, Store Room will provide you that extra space in Singapore you need to store all your belongings. If you are looking for a reliable self-storage in Singapore, Store Room is what you need!

Whether you have renovation at home, going to move to some other place or you just want to remove the unwanted items from your home to de-clutter it, Store Room will provide you enough storage space to meet all your different requirements at an affordable price. From bulky furniture to toys, old clothes or fragile items, you can keep almost everything you want in our self-storage solution in Singapore.

Features of Personal Storage

  • Range of sizes available as per your storage requirements

  • 24-Hour accessibility to your storage unit for maximum flexibility

  • Safe and secure way to store your expensive antiques, collectibles, and other goods

  • Affordable storage with highly flexible rental terms

  • Clean and protected environment with high-end security systems

Families Moving House

If you are shifting from one place to another, you may not want to carry each and every thing in order to make the transition easy. No need to sell your personal belongings before shifting home. Let us take care of your goods while you undergo the moving process.

Growing Families

As your children grow up and new members add to your family, the clutter also builds up that occupies a huge part of your home. If you need extra space to store your kids’ clothes, toys or any other memorable thing that you don’t use often, Store Room will provide you a storage unit to meet your needs.


Have a lot of collectibles, sports equipment or expensive antiquities in your home? It’s always a challenge to store your valuable collection as it increases. Fortunately, with self-storage solutions, you can enjoy a spacious and comfortable lifestyle without compromising with your hobbies. We will provide you a safe and protected environment to store all your goods.


Ladies can never get enough of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. If your home’s closet has started looking like a truck due to clutter, it’s time to get your own walk-in closet here at Store Room. Store your party clothes or shoes that you don’t wear often or other rarely used accessories here and access them whenever you want. It’s time to make more room for shopping in your home!

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